Dragør Tour

South from Copenhagen and the Airport lies the idyllic fishing town- Dragør. With its yellow, well preserved, half-timbered houses and narrow streets it is one of the most charming ports of Denmark. Dragør’s history dates back to the 12th century when It was established as a fishermen village. During our tour you'll hear the story behind its evolution from a fishing village to the beautiful sightseeing spot that you see now. We'll tell you about the similarities with a typical Dutch village. Why the Dutch and the Danish peasants work together to produce and supply the best vegetables for the Royal Court at that time. You'll hear about the development of the city Inn to the hotel with an amazingly view over the harbour, the Goose Republic- the tradition of raising geese passed down from father to son for generations. You'll be able to see the Dragør’s fortification, established in 1910, situated outside of the coast of Dragør. Here you can enjoy the panoramic view of the Øresund's Bridge. You will hear the stories from WW II about escape of Danish Jews who were sailed over to Sweden from Dragør. Join us for a cosy day in a fantastic maritime atmosphere!