Christmas has always been associated with Christianity and the birth of Jesus Christ. The Vikings were already celebrating many elements of “Yule (Jul-Christmas)” before Christianity even existed in Denmark. The ideas and theories were different, but the result the same: to celebrate with full vigour together with the family and friends with good food, wine, traditional decoration and general merriment. 

On our X-mass Hygge Tour you will hear about the first Danish Christmas tree arrival to the city. The first handmade decorations as cuts of coloured paper, apples, sweets, kravlenisser (climbing nisse), Julehjerter (Christmas hearts)- what they represent, when they started to be used and why.

The traditional Danish Christmas dishes are fine dishes, served at special occasions or festivals during the years. Usually one of the best pigs was slaughtered for Christmas in order to keep plenty of meat for the festivities and parties during Christmas. 
We will reveal for you some of the recipes of a traditional X-mass Danish dinner. After the

Danish families Christmas dinner is complete, they will dance around the tree and sing Christmas carols and hymns, we'll tell you how this started and why. 
Join us for an unforgettable unique X-mass adventure with lots of stories about the winter season. We'll visit the best Christmas markets in town where you'll be able to get a taste of the Danish winter seasons goodies.